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25 november 2022

Doing business in the Netherlands as an international company

Are you an international company interested in doing business in the Netherlands? As a business, you will undoubtedly have plenty of operational and business management knowledge. But what about knowledge and know-how regarding the ins and outs of appropriate legal company structures, acquisition procedures, due diligence, employee compensation, taxes, and other essential business practices? That is a whole different kettle of fish. Just know that you don’t have to do this alone. Choose a knowledgeable, experienced partner: you can count on our specialists at Stolwijk Kelderman.

Although Stolwijk Kelderman is focused on accountancy and fiscal matters, we can also provide you with direct access to the rest of our internal network (Stolwijk Kennisnetwerk, translated as Stolwijk Knowledge Network) and our larger external network of international specialists, notaries, and lawyers. We will work closely with you on matters regarding:

  • HR advice;
  • employee compensation and setting up participation schemes;
  • establishing a business in the Netherlands and choosing the right legal business structure;
  • taking over a business in the Netherlands, acquisition, and due diligence;
  • valuation of firms or corporations;
  • restructuring a business;
  • process optimisation, IT and data analysis

In short, we provide quality business consultancy services in the broadest sense of the word. And we do so with a staff of 250 colleagues and offices in Doetinchem, Zevenaar, Wijchen, and Deventer.

Are you interested in establishing a business in the Netherlands?

Let us advise you throughout the entire process and help you choose the right legal business structure.

Are you looking to take over a Dutch business?

Due diligence, restructuring, mergers, business succession: our specialists will gladly advise you on navigating the field.

Do you need tax advice for your business in the Netherlands?

Make life easy for yourself, and leave the corporate tax returns and sales tax reporting to us. You can also engage our consultancy services for matters such as the innovation box (tax incentive), international sales tax, transfer pricing, and more. We are used to taking foreign company structures and tax treaties into consideration.

Are you looking to work or hire staff in the Netherlands?

You can leave the wage tax and turnover tax reporting to us, but we also provide services for HR management consultancy, drafting agreements, the obligation for continued payment of wages in case of illness, and applying for tax exemption under the 30% ruling. We can also help you determine your employees’ social insurance position and manage salary splits or split employment.

Are you thinking about buying real estate in the Netherlands?

We can advise you about the pros and cons of purchasing privately versus via a corporation, and we can teach you all there is to know about – and help you with – matters such as conveyance tax, turnover tax, and income tax.

Are you looking to emigrate to the Netherlands?

Guidance in fiscal matters is more often a necessity than a luxury. Whether you need advice on home mortgage interest deduction, the law of succession, gift tax, pension plans, or estate planning, we have the right specialist for all your questions. This includes issues regarding treaty obligations, determining which country can tax you for what income, dividend payments and their implications, issues around permanent establishment, and how to prevent double taxation.

Would you like to learn more? I am here to help you. Please do not hesitate to call or send me an email.

drs. Ricardo te Kaat, Tax Specialist

Phone   +31 (0)314 369 111

Mobile  +31 (0)6 1127 4485



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